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Kamila Rutkowska


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A session for a birthday, both the first one and the next one, is a good moment to make a souvenir for the family album. Not only from the child's birthday, but also to make family portraits and lifestyle shots (the baby in his parents' arms, on the bed, by the window, on a swing)


The session can be with a birthday scene or with a Smash Cake birthday scene (with a real cake).

The cakes are made for me by a professional cake studio.

After the session with the real cake, we also take a shot of the baby in a foam water bath in a special tub designed for the photo session.


For the Smash Cake session it is advisable to prepare a change of clothes (to be able to hug a dirty cake baby if necessary) and a towel after the bath


The studio has sets of clothes available for year-old babies.


There is also a dressing room with dresses for family sessions for mum


We can do a family portrait in your clothes in a relaxed style or in an elegant dress from my wardrobe (or yours) For a portrait in my dress for dad, you will need to prepare a shirt and matching trousers and shoes.


session preview

family at a birthday party

a few words about the session

Smash Cake session backstage


Birthday session and Smash Cake