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Amber Photography

Kamila Rutkowska

Kamila Rutkowska


tel. +48 514 486 895

e-mail. biuro@amberfotografia.pl

ul. Wiatraczna 16, 70-780 Szczecin

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Kamila Rutkowska


Photography is not just a profession. It is the joy of experiencing, self-realisation, independence, the power of giving, being inspired and inspiring.


Hello. It's nice of you to visit me.
My name is Kamila and I hope that if we meet you will call me by my first name.


I have been a photographer for almost 10 years.I have been running my own studio for 6 years now and since then I have mainly been doing portrait and family photography.


I am with you from the waiting period through newborn, baby, and one year sessions to recurring appointments that create mementos of adolescence.


My greatest joy comes from pregnancy photography. The possibility of showing the future mother how beautiful her body is during this period is wonderful. I love to see how mums who claim they are unphotogenic come to me and after the first frames when I show them the preview in the camera they blossom and gain self-confidence.


I also love women's sessions for the same reason. A woman who decides to give herself such a gift is for me a beautiful example of mental maturity and going beyond stereotypes.


Newborn sessions are my favourite. I took my first newborn pictures in the hospital when I did not have my own studio. Under the supervision of midwives I learnt how to work safely with a newborn baby. Over the years I have worked out methods for taking photos of my baby. I love buying new baby clothes and accessories for the sessions.  My studio is bursting at the seams with all these wonderful things.




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