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Kamila Rutkowska


tel. +48 514 486 895


ul. Wiatraczna 16, 70-780 Szczecin

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  • 15 shots

  • 1-6 people per session

  • Up to 2 hours of session + make-up time

  • 3-6 stylizations

  • access to dressing room with dresses

  • 15 prints 15x23 cm

  • digital recording of selected images

  • author's processing

  • 30x40 photo painting in a frame

  • worth 250 PLN

  • professional make-up (make-up and hair) 

  • consultation before the session (on another day) discussion on the course of the session; presentation of wardrobe, discussion on make-up

  • Delicious coffee and relaxed atmosphere

  • 10 shots

  • 1-6 people per session

  • 1-1,5 hours session

  • 3-4 stylizations

  • access to dressing room with dresses

  • 10 prints 15x23 cm in a box

  • digital recording of selected images

  • author's processing

  • 5 shots

  • 1-3 people per session

  • 30-40 min session

  • 2 stylings 

  • access to dressing room with dresses

  • 5 prints 15x23 in a box

  • digital recording of selected images

  • author's processing

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A pregnant woman is my favourite photographic subject.


My aim is to show this extraordinary period in your life so that when you think back on it, you remember exactly how absolutely wonderful you were at that time. Because that is exactly how it is!


I admire the strength of my clients, their femininity and their delicacy every day.

I try to talk to you a lot to understand your needs and show you in the lens as you want to be.


The best time for a pregnancy session is between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

You don't need to be able to pose. During the session I will show you everything on yourself. I will help you choose your wardrobe and position yourself accordingly. I will make sure you feel comfortable.

My dressing room is at your disposal.

The session can be yours alone or a family session with your partner and older children


Be sure to bring underwear sets. It is good for them to be plain and with detachable shoulder straps. Black and flesh-coloured

You can take your own clothes, jeans, shirts, blouses, loose jumpers, dresses if you like. We will decide together what will be suitable.

When using my dresses for a family session, make sure your partner is properly prepared too. Long trousers, shirts, at least two light and dark (can be more) shoes matching the style of the shirt. The same with children, for older girls dresses are available but it is good to take your own clothes too, at the session we will decide which ones to use.

Makeup for a shoot is an important thing, you can do it yourself or use a professional. If you don't know who to go to ask me for a makeup artist recommendation

wardrobe overwiev

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